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  • Pour vous gardez au chaud lors de vos randonnées en sentier et activités extérieures.

    Unisex heated jacket liner
  • Provides strategically distributed heat to the most exposed areas.

    Heated pants liner
    Heated pants liner
    Price: $239.99
  • Heat distributed to the back, the chest and the collar

    Heated vest
    Heated vest
    Price: $179.99
  • These carbon heated liner give you warmth right to your fingertips. The red fabric tells you where th heat is in the lining. They are made of stretchy polyester for a better fin in hand width. The length of the fingers is not extensible. Please refer to the "More Images" tab to help you choose the right size. They should be used in gloves or mittens. The more insulated gloves or mittens you use, the better you'll get. If you want to wear them in the spring or fall, just choose less insulated gloves or mittens. You can use them for several types of activities such as motorcycle, atv, snowmobile, skiing, medical, horse riding, work... They operate at 12 Volts DC. Please check if you have an available connection on your vehicle. If no, please consult the "Controllers" and "Connect your ConforTeck" section. For complete autonomy, see the following article: 10-KELCB12L

    Carbon heated liner gloves - red line
  • heat is distributed all the way to the tip of each finger.

    Pre-curved winter heated gloves
  • For an incomparable comfort.

    Heated mittens
    Heated mittens
    Price: $154.99
  • 1 electronic output controller, 3 power levels

    Nano Controller
    Nano Controller
    Price: $56.99
  • Nano kit with heated insoles.

    Nano kit with heated insoles.
  • electronic controller for 2 equipments, 10 power levels each.

    DUO Controller
    DUO Controller
    Price: $164.99
  • 30" battery harness, DC 2.5x5.5mm jack with 10 amps fuse included.

    30" DC battery harness
  • Perfect for connecting your ConforTeck controller or heating equipments!

    84" DC battery harness
  • For the most simple and quick installation! Perfect for connecting soles kit and heated visor.

    DC and RCA Accessory jack (cigar lighter)