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Clothes SSV Heating Clothing

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  • Looking for a solution to stop feeling cold in your thigh? Sports DRC to the solution for you. The FullBore Venture pants will warm you up anytime on any motorized sport. Whether snowmobiling in winter, spyder spring or fall, mountain bike or VCC, you will be comfortably warm.

    E-Pant Liner GT
    E-Pant Liner GT
    Price: $259.99 $200.00
  • You would like to have a warm jacket, warm pants and warm mittens to be sure to be warm. Here is a Y splitter cable to make several connections, so you could connect two pieces of warm clothing together. For example: you have a heating jacket and warm mittens, you take your cable-Connect the parts together and all that on the same battery.

    E-Coax 6 '' Y-Plitter Cable
  • The 24 '' Coax Extension Cable is a heavy duty cable that allows the battery lead to be extended for your convenience.

    E-Coax 24 '' Extension Cable Cord Extension
  • You want to have a heated glove, affordable: here is the glove liner battery that could suit your needs. You will also be able to put it under your other mittens or glove that you have at home.

  • Gant chauffant qui se connecte sur un 12 V.

    E-GLOVE LINER 12 volt
    E-GLOVE LINER 12 volt
    Price: $103.94 $75.00