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Clothes Spyder

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  • Outstanding ventilation, lightweight for extra comfort. Breathable to keep you dry. Excellent flexibility and rider fit. Wind and water protection. Ultra-durability and wear resistance. Convenience, good practicality, and nighttime visibility.

    Men's Cruise Jacket
    Men's Cruise Jacket
    Price: $334.99
  • Pour porter le pantalon par-dessus des vêtements, commandez la taille supérieure ou enfilez-le par-dessus vos vêtements pour vous assurer que la taille convienne.

    Rain Pants
    Rain Pants
    Price: $79.99 $47.99
  • Renforts avec coussinets à la paume réduisent la fatigue des mains causée par les chocs et les vibrations.

    Mechanic Gloves
    Mechanic Gloves
    Price: $54.99
  • Enveloppe souple combinant une isolation légère, respirabilité et imperméabilité.

    Can-Am Technical Jacket
    Can-Am Technical Jacket
    Price: $124.99 $74.99

    Manteau District
    Manteau District
    Price: $149.99 $74.99
  • Hybrid headset that allows you to do 8 configuration. The quick change of the accessories makes it possible to adapt the pace and the characteristics according to your needs.

    Can-Am N40-5 GT Crossover Helmet
  • Peuvent être insérés dans les poches intérieures de la plupart des vêtements de conduite Can-Am Spyder pour une protection additionnelle.

    Removable elbow, knee or shoulder protectors
  • Designed for easy installation and fit perfectly into Nolan's Can-Am Helmets.

    Nolan† B5 Comm System for Can-Am N40-5, N44 & N104 - Single Pack
  • Conçue à partir de la construction exclusive DRYSTAR® d'Alpinestars, la veste Andes V2 est polyvalente avec une imperméabilité à 100% et une grande respirabilité, même dans des conditions de conduite difficiles. La construction techniquement avancée de cette veste offre une protection et une résistance à l'abrasion et est adaptable à toutes les conditions météorologiques.

    Andes Drystar Jacket V2
  • Built using Alpinestars exclusive DRYSTAR® construction and designed for a highly optimized female fit, the Stella Andes V2 is 100% waterproof while offering high levels of breathability. With CE certified protection in strategic areas, these pants can be adapted to all weather conditions and are fully compatible with the Stella Andes DRYSTAR® jacket.

    Stella Andes Pants V2 Drystar
  • Designed using the Alpinestars DRYSTAR® construction, the Andes V2 pants are versatile with 100% waterproofness and high levels of breathability. With CE certified protection in strategic areas, these pants can adapt to all weather conditions and are fully compatible with the Andes DRYSTAR® jacket.

    Andes Drystar Pants V2
  • With a supple full grain leather and nubuck shell, the Stella Kerry incorporates a waterproof membrane for guaranteed performance in wet weather and a high level of comfort. With dual-density ankle discs, a heel counter and toe box reinforcement, the Stella Kerry Waterproof offers first-rate protection while delivering a distinctive, clean and elegant style.

    Stella Kerry Waterproof boots