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  • Three-and-Four-Person Multi-Riding Position Tube

    Three-and-Four-Person Multi-Riding Position Tube
  • It all started with a stroll on the water's edge. So, rediscover these original sensations, while practicing yoga or other figure of relaxation! The Bamboo series of Job consists of innovative SUP boards inspired by nature with integrated channels. The Sonora board from JOBE is a very large surface for stability. Enjoy every moment whether it's day or sunset.

    JOBE Sonora 10.6 PADDLE BOARD
  • A paddle as strong as a Titan and as light as a feather. Designed for real performers! Unlike most carbon paddles, Jobe's Paddle Carbon Pro is manufactured with 100% serious carbon which means optimal strength and lightness. This 2 piece super-paddle is adjustable to height and easy-to-carry and store.

    Jobe carbon pro sup paddle 2 pc
  • Let's get ready to Rumble! Our super-fast Rumble can handle 1 person. The inners are made of 24G PVC, which makes it both strong and featherlight. It comes with 4 handles that allow you to sit or lay on the Rumble. Plus a drain to guarantee good water release after a wild ride. Have fun!

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  • Sa surface rainurée est conçue pour le confort et la fraîcheur.

    Chaise longue flottante
  • Voici une bouée avec une variété d'options de randonnées multiples. C’est votre nouveau jouet pour un plaisir sans fin sur l’eau! Elle est conçue pour deux personnes ainsi, vous pourrez créer vos multiples positions d’acrobates que se soit assis ou à genoux. C’est parti pour la créativité nautique!

    Bouée tractable versatile 2 passagers
  • It all started with water. So let's find those fishy feelings! Jobe's Bamboo series consists out of nature-inspired, innovative SUP boards with integrated channels. If you could pick one true all-round-board, the Ventura should be your choice. With a large surface area, this blue bamboo-beauty is truly versatile and stable for surfers up to 120 kg. Next to its royal blue look, with catchy green accent and a bamboo veneer layer, the Ventura is engineered with two bright green channels to maximize stability and speed while supporting efficient tracking. The sharp nose rocker cuts through water like a hot knife through butter and makes this nature-inspired SUP manoeuvrable and controllable. Side fins are replaced with a US fin box to decide your perfect personal fin position with a tool less fin suitable for long distances. Click in the tool less fin for the long journey and stow your luggage under its catchy green bungee cord. You get a SUP leash and a rail saver to keep your board clean, too.

  • Rangez facilement vos bouées de 3 à 5 personnes avec ce sac en nylon pour plus de durabilité, saison après saison.

    Sac de funtube Jobe 3 à 5 personnes
  • Un indispensable aux longues journées de bateau. Ce kit de réparation rapide vous permet de réparer en un instant votre bouée favorite. Contient du papier ponce et des patchs adhésifs.

    Trousse de réparation Jobe pour bouée tractée
  • Two Person Deck Tube Sea-doo

    Two Person Deck Tube
    Two Person Deck Tube
    Price: $316.99
  • The 11.6 Duna inflatable SUP is perfect for those touring days! Once inflated, the Duna is light and stiff due to our Heat Bonded Technology and new X-Stitching Construction. The boards shape ensure maneuverability and gliding speed on the water for those longer tours. To make sure the Duna is durable we've added an extra layer on the rails and center of the board. This complete SUP package comes with everything you need such as a Leash, Repair Kit, Paddle and Pump. Don't forget the waterproof backpack which you can store under the Storage Net with all your gear. Ready to be taken out for those long day spend on the water.

  • The Parana 11.6 has deep channels to obtain extra speed, tracking and stability. This makes her perfect for an expedition and strong enough to take with you whatever you love under the bungee cord. With a thickness of 5'', buoyancy is garantueed and stiffness is added while remaining control. Moreover, a 9'' single fin keeps the Parana on track while you taking the lead. An ergonomic carry handle makes carrying the lighweight board even easier. Little extra: get a SUP leash straight 10 ft green and a railsaver, too.