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Free delivery on orders over $100

Pilot TS Adjustable Skis - (Left)

Product #505073851

Skis Pilot TS ajustables jaune éclatant, côté gauche, sentier sport/performance.

  • Easy-install custom color ski changes the appearance of your sled in minutes.
  • The industry’s first and only adjustable ski: the Pilot TS Skis are the critical factor in steering precision and effort, yet their performance is dependent on snow conditions, which can change in hours.
  • With the Pilot TS ski, you can dial-in ski bite for conditions or your riding style by turning a knob on the ski leg. It raises or lowers the ski runner over a range of 1/2" (12.5 mm).
  • This thin runner and new square keel design work together to make darting a thing of the past.
  • Côté gauche.
  • De couleur jaune éclatant.

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