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E-Pant Liner GT

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Looking for a solution to stop feeling cold in your thigh? Sports DRC to the solution for you. The FullBore Venture pants will warm you up anytime on any motorized sport. Whether snowmobiling in winter, spyder spring or fall, mountain bike or VCC, you will be comfortably warm.

  • Contrôleur intégré.
  • The pants are connected to the 12 volt.
  • Easy access flip-out controller.
  • Rear poly-spandex compression material.
  • 3-Temperature Setting, green for low, yellow for medium and red fort high.
  • Wicks moisture to keep extra dry.
  • Xtreme Comfort Technology.
  • Flexible heat panels; thigh to shin.
  • 1 Battery Harness with Safety Fuse and you have an instruction guide for the operation of the heating jacket.

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    Price: $219.99