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Free delivery on orders over $100

LinQ™ 32 Gal (124L) Trunk Box

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The LinQ 32 Gal Trunk Box is more than a place to store your stuff, it’s custom-engineered for your Outlander, designed to make the trail more fun, and installs or removes instantly!

  • Aucune modification au véhicule n'est requise.
  • Rear tail light included.
  • Equipped with the LinQ System, the rear trunk box plugs in and out in seconds.
  • 32 Gal (124 L) load capacity with unobstructed space to maximize storage room and access to the trunk’s interior.
  • Made of injection-molded polyethylene, double walled in critical areas.
  • The fully sealed lid protects your belongings from dust, moisture and the elements.
  • Barillet verrouillable intégré.
  • Trunk Box Panels available in many colors to match your vehicule (sold separately).
  • G1: LinQ Retrofit Adaptor Plate (715001334) is required for installation.
  • G2S: LinQ Luggage Rack (715001734) is required for installation.
  • G2 (except MAX & 6x6 models), G2S, Maverick, Maverick MAX, Maverick Trail,

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