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Caliber jacket

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Superior comfort in almost any weather condition. High breathability ensures dryness. Highly-durable for extended wear and long-distance rides. Easily adjustable for optimum mobility. Enhanced low-light & nighttime visibility for added safety.

  • Windproof, water-resistant, breathable RPM technology.
  • Teflon-treated wear-resistant fabric with all critical seams sealed.
  • Removable lightweight insulation.
  • Extensive chest-area ventilation.
  • Cushioned collar edge prevents chafing.
  • Back armhole gussets improve movement & flexibility.
  • Shaped sleeves, plus multi-adjustable biceps, forearms, wrists, and waist.
  • Napoleon pocket, plus two easily accessible exterior pockets & one interior pocket.
  • Includes no less than 150 cm² reflective safety trim.
  • Convenient built-in pouches for optional shoulder, elbows and spine padding.

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